Terms & Conditions

  1. Passengers must be present at the Filo Denizcilik Port Office 2 hours prior to the departure time for the check-in procedures.
  2. Passengers with no Boarding Pass will not be allowed to board the vessel. Boarding Passes must be obtained during check-in at Filo Denizcilik Port Office.
  3. The ticket is not transferable and is for personal use only. The ticket may not be re-sold.
  4. Filo Denizcilik may change or cancel the dates and the departure times of the scheduled ships without any prior notice.
  5. The passengers cannot hold Filo Denizcilik responsible or liable for any loss or damage. At the time of check-in, the passengers are liable to declare the requested documents according to their ticket type. Any difference in the fare caused by the missing document, will be charged from the passenger at the time of check-in. The tickets for the vehicles are issued to the type written on the vehicle registration card.
  6. The passengers who wish to cancel their trips will be refunded only 75% of the total amount written on the ticket. Agency service fee (if exists) is not refundable. If the passenger will not use the ticket for any reason, the passenger must notify the agency or Filo Denizcilik main offices immediately. For the convenience of the passenger, the ticket that is not used will be converted into an open ticket. Open tickets are valid for 1 year.
  7. In case of any date or time change of the trip; if the new time or date is with a higher fare, the ticket holder is liable to pay the difference in the amount. In case of any date or time change of the trip; if the new time or date is with a lower fare, the ticket holder cannot declare the difference in the amount as refund.
  8. The city toll, revenue tax, and any other taxes that may be applied by the government are not included in the ticket price.
  9. The passengers are the sole responsible for their luggage and Filo Denizcilik will not be hold responsible for any loss or damage that may occur during the journey. Filo Denizcilik cannot be hold responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicles that may be caused during loading and unloading the ship.
  10. The following articles must not be brought within the vessel: explosive, sharp and flammable objects, radio actives, compressed gases and items that can cause danger to the vessel and the passengers on board.
  11. Smoking is prohibited by law in any part of the vessel. Pregnant passengers; A doctor report is requested in the form of "can travel by ship" between 25-35 weeks and they are not accepted to the voyage after the 36th week. These passengers are obliged to inform the agency about their pregnancy. If the pregnancy status is not reported, all responsibility will be on the passenger.
  12. While on board, all passengers will obey the instructions of the captain.
  13. Any disputes that may arise regarding the transportation shall be referred to the Courts of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  14. Please visit www.filoshipping.com for additional important reminders regarding the necessary documents for various procedures for your journey between TRNC and Turkey. You can also visit www.filodenizcilik.net for Frequently Asked Questions.

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